Dr. Waleed Hafiz

Assistant Professor of Medicine and Rheumatology at the Faculty of Medicine, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah.

10:10-10:30 am

22 Dec Day 2

Extrapulmonary manifestations of systemic sclerosis: the heart and esophagus.

04:00-04:10 pm

22 Dec Day 2

Introduction and WS objective

04:40-05:10 pm

22 Dec Day 2

Unrevealing the CTD- ILD in rheumatology clinic

05:20-06:00 pm

22 Dec Day 2

Importance of multidisciplinary collaboration in ILD management and the role of various healthcare professionals (case discussion)

06:00-06:20 pm

22 Dec Day 2

Overview of current treatment options, including pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches (form rheumatology and pulmonary)

06:20-06:30 pm

22 Dec Day 2

Evaluation and feedback & Wrap-up